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Moisture barrier coatings
  • Extremely low coating weight
  • Barrier required for industrial and food applications
  • Outstanding barrier to water vapor at tropical conditions
  • Efficient barrier to aroma, gas, oil and greases
  • Suited for a wide range of substrates

Wax free Corrugated box
  • High heat and friction resistance
  • Smooth rheology to work with high porosity base stock
  • Liner
    • High resistance coating for water, water vapor, oil and grease
    • Pre-coat can be applied on line at the size press
    • Top coat resist to blocking tests
    • Easy to print
    • Adjustable for slide angle
  • Medium
    • High flexibility
    • Conservation of the ring crush when exposed to tropical conditions
    • Improves stiffness of the liner
    • A reduced caliper of the medium or liner requires less fiber while maintaining the strength of the box
  • Combined low coating weight and board enforcement provide extremely competitive cost of finished boxes

  • High performance : Great Cobb, 3M Kit and turpentine resistance
  • Over 54 hours of bacon grease resistance
  • Applied with any system, including regular coaters and flexo presses

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