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Barrier : Coated paper and board are highly resistant to

    • Water, water-vapor
    • Oxygen
    • Carbon dioxide
    • Oil, Greases

High growth potential

    • Provide efficient tools to paper-based packaging manufacturers to support innovation to counter the challenges brought on by plastic packaging industry.

Environment friendly

    • The barrier is provide with one chemical composition, while facilitating defibration of the fibers during repulping with no contaminants for the recycling systems. 100% of the treated mass can be recycled (with no need to mix in virgin fiber) in any type of paper machine. The paper industry can completely reprocess the treated fiber without any chemical addition and without any effect on the white waters during the recycling process (free of contaminants such as wax or plasticizers) and with no negative effect on waste waters (DBO effect). Consequently, used paper and carton treated with the REFIB® technology can be sold into the OCC market rather than going to the landfill site.
    • Any product treated with the REFIB® technology that cannot be recycled because of food contaminants can be composted.

Cost competitive

    • The REFIB® technology is cost competitive on a dry pound basis. As RF3’s polymer requires a lower coating weight (than poly or wax coatings) and as it can replace some of the fiber content, the overall yield on a square footage basis (surface per ton of coated paper) must be considered rather than the cost per wet pound of the polymer. The yield factor compensates for the polymer’s higher wet pound cost, making it more cost competitive when applied to the product surface. The result is a cost competitive coated paper product, on a square footage basis.


    • Made under license, from non-hazardous materials and protected with patents, customer doesn’t rely on vendor willingness to supply product.
    • Available in totes or bulk 

Coating equipment requirements

    • Upon application, product can be applied on a regular coater, paper machine and flexo.

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